Margaret Wicker Azzoni Artist/Architect
Meg was born and raised in New York where she lives and works. Using watercolors, pencil, oil and ink, her subjects are homes, interiors and dreams. With exquisite composition, bold patterns and detail, her paintings capture your attention in the painting’s space and beyond its borders. In classical times, a sculpture of a man recorded anatomy; drawings of the galaxy documented the stars; and a painting of a ram on cave walls posited the wish for feeding the tribe. Meg’s paintings strive to communicate, create, instruct and put a smile in your heart.

"I love, love, love the painting. It makes my heart soar. It looks great in center place in living room. Thank you, thank you , thank you. Harvey loves it too. But I am enthralled by it. With gratitude and affection"- Karen Kaplowitz & Harvey Schoenfeld

"Meg's pictures of my home make me smile, and they bring a smile to anyone who looks at them."   Sally

"I really like our portrait-it is charming and lively, intricate and light-hearted, but not silly. It will be a wonderful memory of this house when we have to leave it."   Meg & John

The several works of art we have purchased from Meg Azzoni have brightened up our home with their unique blend of whimsy and architectural linearism. They still remain original and eye-catching many years after their purchase."  Bayard & Anne

"She worked with me to design a very special and beautiful home and I would recommend her very much."    Les

"Sensational, simply sensational! Meg Azzoni, artist architect, has captured the whimsy and spirit of our home through the charming watercolor room portraits she has painted for us over the years. We like her work immensely; we recommend Meg highly." Cipora

"My first introduction to Meg's painting was when she had a one man show in Boothbay Harbor a few years ago. The reaction was I wanted all of them, and had a hard time choosing. Her paintings have a wonderfully unique, charming and whimsical quality about them"      Louise

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